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        Product ID: 747169 | Mfg Part #: 7 27881 01501-4

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        SpeedSkin Ultra Slim Keyboard Cover (Apple and Other Slim-line Keyboards)

        Do your students watch their fingers as they type?

        SpeedSkin’s blank keyboarding covers improve keyboard memorization, speed, and accuracy when used with typing software.


        • SpeedSkins cover only letter, number, and punctuation keys

        • Format and function keys remain visible

        • Easy ON and OFF in one step as a unit

        • Home-row indicators give tactile starting place

        • Bright orange color for easy classroom visibility

        • Covers work with any keyboarding software or textbook

        • Precision-molded and made of touch-sensitive polyurethane (no latex)

        • Washable with mild soap and cold water

        • Tested to 1 million impacts for cover with no discernible wear

        • Covers come with clear plastic storage tray.

        Teachers require and students request SpeedSkin covers because they exceed expectations. Teachers love SpeedSkin covers because they make teaching keyboarding carefree -- students effortlessly memorize the keyboard without constant teacher monitoring. And, students master touch typing within allotted curriculum time.

        SpeedSkin has sold over a million covers to teachers and parents and assured 40 million students mastery of the keyboard.


        [1]: http://merchandising.s3.amazonaws.com/SpeedSkin Chart.jpg

        AppSKIN covers fit: * all Apple Laptops * most standard laptops (not the mini-laptops) * Flat-key, standalone, desktop keyboards - ("ultra-slims)

        For desktop style keyboards please see SpeedSkin Standard and for standard laptop keyboards please see SpeedSkin i-Skin.